little cat searching the milk bottle

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Tommy is the cute cat in the neighborhood. It does not have a home because they found that it is much better to have more in control and when you go to one, while to another. The cat got used to leave in recognition when she wakes up in the morning and see that the people who get it in the house has the best food in the refrigerator. Most loves milk, and because today wants to drink some sweet milk visited the old woman who lives in a house on the outskirts. Mrs. Tommy often greet him with one bowl of fresh milk, so Tommy hoped that today he might have a real treat. If you love cats, you are invited to play cat looking glass of milk. You will not regret it because you had a great time with little Tommy.

Use your mouse to guide the cat to the milk bottle.

little cat searching the milk bottle is a part of cat games category. The game was added April 24th, 2015 and it was played 1039 times. We hope you enjoyed playing little cat searching the milk bottle and we invite you to play other free games from cat games category.