minion mission on the island

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On an island in the Pacific were established some tiny little men who are very peaceful, but very hardworking and skilled. How big is the day they bustle about hither and thither, because I know that must make their food bank for when bad weather will not allow this. They also have built some houses as their natural material that protects them from the sun or rain will fall in large quantities. But it seems like a local mischievous little ones does not approve of, so he began making life a torment. All you fail to build on the poor jack man night demolish them, so that the poor do not know what to do in order to live in peace. So two days ago held a meeting and decided to send him the smallest and smartest of them on a mission to save them from the local mischievous. Join the game and help him to fulfill petite favorably mission!

Use keyboard to help small petite to fulfill its mission successfully.

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